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On arriving... If the sign on the door reads 'call this number for assistance'.... Make sure you make that call!! Within 5 minutes one of the owners will appear fresh from attending to their vines!

Yannick is a true gem of the region and a warm welcome will await you. This artisan producer quietly knows that they make one of the best Bougeuil in the Loire.

You will be encouraged to try Le Grand Clos and Le Petit Cave. If you appreciate good wine....You'll more than likely leave with a case under each arm!


Alongside the production of its "fine bubble wines" under the Appellation "Crémant de Loire, "this winery also produces "still wines" from its own vineyards.

Since 1885 this vineyard has been producing wines of distinction. Diverse soils, mostly limestone (locally called "tuffeau"). Quality grape varieties, most of them unique, such as "chenin" for white and sparkling wines or "cabernet franc" for red wines. A temperate oceanic climate conducive to a pleasant life-style, all make Langlois-Chateau wines worth a tipple!

Wine tasting at 5 euros per person are available from the 1st of April to the 15th of October.

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Here, you will learn everything about the wines, their terroir, their history and their medals. You will have the possibility to taste and buy wine and learn about our distributors where you can buy Chateau Targe wines when you get home.

The family owned Chateau and its landscape are stunning in the heart of the Saumur-Champigny region, classified by the UNESCO.

Visit the cellars carved out of the landscape and then enjoy fantastic wine with staff who care about their product.


A Saumur heavyweight and recognised throughout Europe as a premier producer of quality wine, Gratien and Meyer will not disappoint!

The Art Deco style building commands the landscape on the outskirts of Saumur centre and is surrounded by well manicured gardens. A tour here is a right of passage for any wine lover!

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This vineyards philosophy is primarily pleasure! Pleasure of making wine and the pleasure of sharing. A family estate, simple and accessible that takes care of its land to make wines as naturally as possible.

The expression from vines up to 35 years produces a lighter wine, softer and more fruity drink. Bottles are stored in a shawl conditioning throughout the year and some older vintages in the cellar tufa to satisfy all our customers looking for quality products.

The field is open every day except Sunday from 9:00 to 12: and from 14:00 to 18:00


Its creator, Jean-Baptiste Combier (1809-1871), originally from Burgundy winemaker and son comes to settle in Saumur in 1828. In collaboration with his brother Claude, he opened the confectionery Destre Combier, rue Saint Nicolas in 1834. In back of his shop, he develops alcohols and liquors with his still to fill its sweets and chocolates highly valued by its customers: it is at this time that he created the famous "Triple Sec" liqueur bitter and sweet oranges.

Combier has become one of the choices for the craft bartender. A taste of La Loire in liqueur form! Enjoyed in cocktails or added to sparkling wine for a summery yet bitter lift.

Combier in the Centre of Saumur can be visited all year round.

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